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Beonît Mandelbrot dies due to a fractal (1924-2010)

Posted on: Oct, 17th 2010
Benoît Mandelbrot
Seems that was yesterday when the past July I publish a post about fractals where I talked about Benoît Mandelbrot and where you can watch one of the last or perhaps the last of his conferences.
Mandelbrot, developed the fractal mathematics from the works of Gaston Maurice Julia and popularized it in the years 70, unfortunately died the past day 14, as consequence of a pancreatic cancer, announced his wife Aliette yesterday.

The fractals have infinity of application in areas as the physics, the biology, the economy, etc., in fact, the cancer have fractal geometry and the works of Mandelbrot have allowed the medical advance in the study about as how grows and is formed the cancer, realizing computer simulations, although unfortunately still there are to investigate more to find the cure that could have saved the life of this genius.

Mandelbrot with multiple degrees in mathematics, was professor in several important universities, although the major part of his life worked to IBM, where could dispose of a computer to generated, for first time in the history, a fractal.

Won a lot of prizes for his work, between them the Wolf prize of physics and the Japan prize for the science and the technology.

Between his works highlights the scientific paper: "How Long Is the Coast of Britain?" of 1967, and his books "Les objets fractals" of 1975 and the "The Fractal Geometry of Nature" of 1982.

The work of Mandelbrot is influenced by others notable investigator as the mathematics Paul Lévy y Norbert Wiener. Also was the last postdoctoral student of the one of the persons most important in the development of the modern informatics, John von Neumann.

Other part also sad of this new is that the death of one of the persons that have contributed more in the advance of all of the sciences, making our lives more comfortable or even saving lives, haven't caused even a little part of the interest that raise, for instance, the death of Michael Jackson. With this I don't want to say that Michael Jacson or any other musician or singer don't deserve be honored when comes the hour of his death, only I say that the contribution of Mandelbrot to the humanity is very most important and few people realize about it.

These are the declarations that have make some of the figures most important, about his death:

The mathematician Heinz-Otto Peitgen: "If we talk about impact inside mathematics, and applications in the sciences, he is one of the most important figures of the last 50 years."

The manager of TED, Chris Anderson: "An icon who changed how we see the world."

French President Nicolas Sarkozy (Mandelbrot was french although he born in Poland): "A powerful, original mind that never shied away from innovation and battering preconceived ideas. His work, which was entirely developed outside the main research channels, led to a modern information theory."

To finish, a documentary about fractals:

Hunting the hidding dimension - 1

Hunting the hidding dimension - 2

Hunting the hidding dimension - 3

Hunting the hidding dimension - 4

Hunting the hidding dimension - 5

Hunting the hidding dimension - 6

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