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What will happen when the IPv4 addresses will be exhausted?

Posted on: Jan, 11th 2011
IPv6 protocol
According to the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), the organization that assign the IP addresses, in February of 2011 all the IP addresses will be occupied. The solution to this problem is being implanted, approximately from the year 2000 and will follow implanting during a lot of years more. This consists in replace all the software and hardware that use the IPv4 protocol to another that use the IPv6 protocol.

When the IPv4 addresses run out, these will continue being exploited, until arrive to certain point, through techniques that already are being used actually. What will happen when we can't exploit it more?

When the IPv4 addresses will be exhausted and overexploited, will must use the IPv6 addresses to each computer that will connect to the Internet, either it be of a new user or a server that offers Web pages, P2P connectivity, chat services, etc. So, we will have to adapt the software and hardware, of both, users and providers in order to work with the new protocol.

The transition will require a high economic effort to the Internet providers and services that don't have began to do the change yet. Mainly the money will be invested in the DNS servers that do the translation of domain names to IP directions, in the trunk routers and in the routers of the Internet providers, that are enormous machines very expensive, that have the task of route all the traffic that there are in Internet using these addresses.

The developers of software we will have to modify thousands of applications and Web pages to adapt it to the new protocol.

The users will have to change the router, if it isn't supplied by the internet provider. Also we must update all the programs and the operating system (if we have some very old) to access the network with the new protocol.

All of these make me remember the Chinese curse that says: "May you live in interesting times"

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