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Problems of Internet on the beach

Posted on: Aug, 6th 2010
Photo of a sign on the beach
At present, we find a lot of beachs that has Wifi. Go to the beach to surf by Internet can make us seem a bit geek, although this is not the motive to quit. However, there are others that produces more serious problems. In this post I'm going to deepen in these.

Added to the fact that while we are in the water someone can steal our devices, we have to take into account others factors that makes the beach be a hostile environment to our gadgets:

- Sand: Clog the keys, card readers and conections, break obtical units and fans.

- Water: Can cause damage in circuits and batteries.

- Wind: the salty wind of the beach is an important agent to take in account. The salt and the oxygen of the air accelerate the oxidation process of the copper of the integrated circuits of the devices and this can't be avoided although we take a lot of care.

- Sun: the processor dissipate heat because of the Joule effect, this, added to the heat that has to hold on the beach, can take it to the temperature limit that can hold and melt it. The batteries also can be affect by the heat, and if doesn't explode or break, it's sure that inevitably its performance will go down.

But the portable devices aren't the only ones in danger on the beach.

Normally, on the beach, the Wifi connections is offered without any kind of encryption to make ease that anyone can connect to it. Imagine that there are someone equipped with a sniffer in the computer near of us... What can happen?... That the private information that we are sending or receiving could be captured by this person if he wants. For instance, could capture the passwords that we send without encryption, chat conversations, get private information about the pages that we visit, etc. Even we could be victims of an "Man in the Middle" attack. In this kind of attack, the attacker intercepts a comunication between us and a bank or a purchase by Internet. See an example with the bank. When the attacker interceps the comunication, this send information to the victim making him believe that is the bank and, at the same time, send to the bank falsified information. Thus, for the victim and for the bank it's a normal comunication, but the attacker will can do make that he wants with our money because he has now all the information needed to get it.

Other problem more, is that a lot of portable devices has integrate cameras and a lot of people dislike that someone take photos or videos on the beach while are uploaded at the same tiem to Internet.

Personally, I think that put Wifi on the beach is an error and an useless waste of the contributors money, because when someone goes to the beach it is not for connect to Internet.

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