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Prolongs the life of the battery of your laptop

Posted on: Nov, 16th 2010
Laptop battery with flames
The Lithium-Ion of the batteries of the laptops, lost duration with the use, it can pass from a duration of several hour to a few minutes in a couple of years. In this post I'm going to explain some tricks to avoid it.

Actually, all the batteries are made it of Lithium-Ion and for this reason don't have memory effect as the old batteries of Nickel-Cadmium or Nickel-Metal Hydride. That is to say, if you recharge the battery when is at the 75% of charge, the next time that you recharge it will not have only a 25%, these kind of batteries don't "forget" that was charged at the 75%. Discharge it completely before charge it only have sense in the first charge, after that, it can be worse because you can damage it if you discharge it completely. A Lithium-Ion battery, if we care of it, can have a duration about of 950 and 1.200 recharges.

There are several ways of prolongs the life of the battery. The best that we can do is not use it when we have a plug near. If you have the laptop directly connected to the electrical current put off the battery and so avoid that will damage due to the heat generated. On the other hand, if you use the laptop in cold place, the battery will discharge before, because will spend more power to generate the heat that needs to work.

When we put off the battery of the laptop, we can store it in the fridge. Yes, I'm not joking, the manufacturers of batteries recommend store it at 60º F (15º C) or less and leaving it as minimum with a 40% of charge. To do this correctly we must wrap it previously in a hermetic plastic bag, trying to take out all the air and closing it very well to avoid that the moisture generates a damage by corrosion.

After the use of the battery, also is recommended put off it of the laptop, because if leave in the laptop will go losing charge slowly, although we don't have the computer switch on, because a little electrical current will circulate through the laptop.

The true is that I don't put the battery of my laptop in the fridge, but I put off of the laptop when I don't use it, and in about five year have lost only a bit time of duration.

Other way of maintain the life of the battery, is trying to avoid the waste of the energy, but this topic is for other post.

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