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Are WiFi Networks healthy? (II)

Posted on: Nov, 12th 2010
WiFi logo with bones behind
Neither me nor anyone knows if the radiations of WiFi networks and mobiles are bad to the health. There are an infinity of scientific studies about the effects of the electromagnetic non-ionizing radiations in the health, the fifty percent says that there are not evidences that prove that exists adverse effects, and the other fifty percent assert that there are.

We can't trust these scientific studies because the scientific community have not arrived to a consensus respect to them and, also, there are to have in a count, that in its results can affect the economic interest of the people that finance the study.

In this post I'm going to try of explain some of the theories that expose as true in a objective and skeptical way.

The electromagnetic waves in the WiFi networks works in the frequencies near to the 2.4GHz, frequency below of the ultraviolet light and therefore is non-ionizing and can't change our cells producing cancer, as I explain in the post The myth of the antiradiation cactus.

In the other hand, it's unknown if have any dangerous effect a prolonged exposure to a non-ionizing radiation. Some studies says that in this case will end producing cancer in the same way that a ionizing radiation, but they don't specify if this exposure must be of two or two thousand years.

Also there is the possibility of that neurons would be affected by this kind of electromagnetic wave. The neurons would be as receiving antennas, generating electrical signals in the brain. In this sense, some studies assert that the electromagnetic waves can affect to the biological rhythms, impeding us sleep and producing others disorders.

We can't sense the WiFi waves. According to the majority of doctors, even the people that says be affected, isn't capable of difference between a real WiFi signal and the fact that someone say him that is inside of the influence of it, when it isn't true.

Other doctors attribute to these persons a disease called electromagnetic hipersensibility and argue that affects to the 3% of the population, while the ones that are against of it existence, says that how produce a lot of symptoms and these can be consequence of others diseases or by the suggestion of the patient, they don't consider it a real disease and thus in the majority of countries isn't treated like that.

The conclusion is that there aren't nothing demonstrated. The most reasonable is not use the WiFi networks until we know really if are or not dangerous, but this technology is so implanted and a lot of people prefer use it although can suppose a risk for their health, their children and their neighbors. So that while continues the investigation of this topic, the unique solution to protect us is used the network cable, when is possible. But neither we have to obsess and paint our house using a expensive anti-WiFi paint with aluminum, or install walls, floors and roof of lead, to also be prepared to a nuclear attack.

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