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The food printer

Posted on: Dec, 28th 2010
Printed cookie
An investigation team of the laboratory of computational synthesis of the University of Cornell have developed a food printer. They want that one day, will be something common in the kitchen of any person.

To get instant food simply we have to open a recipe, after, if we want, modify the taste, texture and other characteristics, following say the number of copies and finally make clic on the print button. Then the injectors of food of the printer begin to work. Inside of them there are food ink, that can be chocolate, cookie dough or pastry, cheese or any other thing that can pass through a syringe. The idea is that us we can do the "ink". However, now are experimenting with hydrocolloids, to thicken the liquid food and achieve a wide range of basic ingredients that allow print any thing.

The 3D design of the food is realized with a CAD tool (Computer Aided Design), that will allow get better designs than the traditional cook.

Also, this could change radically the business model of the manufactures and distributors of food. When they will see that the clients share their recipes through Internet and print them in their houses instead of go to buy the products to the supermarkets, they will begin to do campains of difamation against this kind of foods. Will say that share recipes is ilegal piracy, they will implant a tax in concept of copyright of recipes and they will not try to sell their recipes on-line because Internet for them would be the enemy.

In short, when arrive to the market these printers and in the future will appear others that will can print anything, converting the material things in information. Will be repeated, again and again, the same lamentable history that have passed with the music, the movies, the books, etc.

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