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Turing prize (the Nobel of the computer science)

Posted on: Mar, 15th 2011
Alan Turing
The same as others disciplines as mathematics, the informatics don't have Nobel prize. So a equivalent award, had to be invented in computer science, called Turing prize, in honor to Alan Turing, that did important contributions to the computer science in the beginning of it.

The reason of that computer science don't have Nobel prize, isn't so original as the mathematics (a mathematical take to bed the wife of Alfred Nobel), but the Nobel awards was established in the year 1900, just before of the computer science started to be developed.

The Turing prize is given annually from 1966. Consist in $ 250.000 that are funded by Google and Intel.

The majority of them are granted a lot of time after of the discovery, when we know the relevance and utility of it. The majority of their contributions comes of the branch of computational theory, that allows that we can do every time more things with the computers, and the branch of compilers, one of the more complicated that bring the language of the machine to the human language.

A lot of the persons granted with the Turing award have been cited in this blog. Next I expose a little list of them, with the year that they win the award and their contribution:

1971 - John McCarthy by his advances in Artificial Intelligence

1972 - Edsger W. Dijkstra, by its contributions to the structure programation. Cited in the post: The travelling salesman problem.

1981 Edgar F. Codd, invented the relational model that use the data bases

1983 - Dennies Ritchie by his advances in operating systems

1988 - Ivan Sutherland, by its contributions to graphic computing

1997 - Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the mouse.

2002 - Rivest, Shamir y Adleman, by its algorithm of public cryptography RSA.

2004 - Vinton Cerf y Robert Kahn, inventors of the protocol TCP/IP. As I explained the IP protocol is being updated from the IPv4 to the IPv6.

And a lot of more Turing awards will appear more ahead in this blog.

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