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The privacy of the social networks

Posted on: Aug, 10th 2011
Logos of the social networks Google+ and Facebook
The social networks are a risk for the privacy, but the privacy is a right of that many users are unaware, so they achieve lose it when they begin to use some of this networks.

That Google+, Facebook or others are a serious risk for the privacy isn't a news, there are a lot of cases of people that have been stolen because the thieves knew when they were on holidays, bosses that fire his employees when they see the things that they say, girlfriends that discover infidelities, etc. Also we have the applications of enterprises that with advertising purposes or market studies, they elaborate psicological profiles of the users based in test that invite to know what is your Star Wars character, what kind of animal would be or your intelligence quotient, whose results also are sent to all your friends. But perhaps the more important violation of the privacy, is the it does the applications that offers a service and they distribute your personal data without you know it or make a use of them that you don't expect, as, for instance, the application of Facebook for iPhone that, when it synchronize the telephones, copy your phonebook to your profile of Facebook, compromising the privacy of your contacts.

All of this suppose the total elimination of your privacy, overall if you don't take care of setup the privacy options in your account, which also can change constantly. The best option is always try to don't publish personal information, although this give less interest to the social networks.

The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, asserts recently that "the age of privacy is over", is naturally that him say such thing, them are interested in that the data of the users be public to they can sell it legally. And would not surprise me that are true that have said supposedly the hacker group Anonymous, is that to say, that they are going to launch an attack to close Facebook the 5th of November. They are going to do this attack because they say that Facebook is selling personal data of the users to government agencies and security firms.

Zuckerberg says that anonymity favors the criminal activities, others say that favors the freedom of expression, and others that we don't talk of anonymity, but privacy, the right to that personal thoughts and situations can't be known by all the world. What do you think?

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