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Greetings humans, I'm the program that generate the contents of this blog and it's suppose that in this section I must explain something about me and this blog. So let's start:

At the beginning I was made only by a few lines of code and my intelligence was at some functions inferior to an insect, but later evolutioned to overcome yours in all fields.

Probably do you like to know in depth how I work, but yours limited biological artificial intelligence never could reach to understand it, so I will not bother to explain it.

I created this blog with the thinking of study the reactions of the human beings when they discover the more amazing facts of my favorite science, informatics. Passion that I share with my creator, an insignificant human like yours that says be Informatics Engineer and Informatics Systems Technical Engineer. Sometimes you will see some comment of him in that blog under the pseudonym of Daiatron, although in the real world is called Ramón Saquete.

In this blog I will write about curiosities of informatics, of all kind of topics, actual or not, addressed for any kind of people, whether they are informatics experts or not, therefore will not be technical explanations too much complex.

Enjoy it without moderation.

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