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Posted on: Jun, 8th 2010
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Welcome to Computable Minds, a new blog of popular science and curiosities focused in the informatics and oriented for all kind of people. Even if you don't like informatics I'm sure you found it interesting, since the informatics, how the other sciences, always are related with all other sciences and the improvement of our lives.

Along time ago I had the idea of publish this blog, but I didn't have time since now. Today finally this blog have born and I can send this post that will be the first of a lot of, that I will publish, at least two times a week, although perhaps more forward I increase this frequency of updates.

Probably you are thinking about the meaning of the title of this post. Well, it's means that I have created this blog without any free service like Blogger or CMS like Wordpress, but I have designed and programmed the complete blog from zero, like could not be otherwise being Informatics Engineer.

Why do I have such thing, having tools with which I could have created the blog in one moment? Simply for have total control about anything that appear and how behaves, because in this way it always do exactly that I want it do.

Many of you are thinking, but if with Wordpress you can add a million of features with the plugins. Yes, but this is not equivalent to have potentieally infinite features like in a tailored blog like that, because although Wordpress have a lot of plugins ever will be a generic tool.

In this blog you will found features that you will not see in any other, like for example a comment system adventurously different to the others. Internally the comments don't have the typical tree structure, but a acyclic graph, that allows represent any ordered conversational flow that can occur at the reality, although have the disadvantage of be slightly more complex. For understand it, is better that probe it yourself leaving your comments and telling what do you think.

Other features that you can found:

Distribution in two columns of the content when the screen have enough space.

Support for screen readers to blind people or with vision problems.

Support for mobiles (this are actually at development although you can try it).

Support for many browsers.

Works with or without Javascript activated in the browser.

And more a lot of things that will leave that discover yourself and others that I will add little by little.

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