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Glitches in the Matrix

Posted on: Sep, 10th 2010
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Following with the prior post, I'm going to expose some questions of the science that would be solved if we were in the Matrix. You will see that some of them are so rare and could be considered a glitch in the Matrix or a programming bug.

Assuming that we are in the Matrix, we could find logic explanations to the next phenomenons:

- Double slit experiment: The experiment consist in throw electron beam to a surface with two slips. When the electron is observed that pass through the slips can be appreciated that only cross one of them but, when anybody and anything are watching, pass through the two slips at the same time creating an interference pattern in the screen located begin the slips.

We have to take clear that it's demonstrated that this phenomenon doesn't occur as cause of the use of intrusive instruments but the fact that a conscious being observes the experiment.

A possible explanation of this would be that the algorithm that simulates the behavior of the electrons of our universe was saving calculations when anybody are watching. If this occurs, the electron beam it's considered as a wave, so the computer would be saving the calculus of the direction of every electron by separate. If it is not, is that to say, there are someone watching, the direction of every electron as particle would be calculated. When a virtual world is simulated in a computer, the same technique is used to save the limited resources of the computer, all the things that the camera doesn't watch isn't calculated.

- Bell's theorem or Bell's inequality: The Bell's theorem demonstrates a phenomenon called nonlocality, that occurs in certain quantum events when handle something produces an effect in something that are in other place without touching it. If all are simulated in the same computer this is logically possible.

- Explains why the wave of the quantum mechanics, the string theory an others, have a purely mathematic basis without give any physic explanation to these mathematics.

- Heisenberg's uncertainty principle: In the quantum mechanics we can measure the speed or the position of a particle but not the two at the same time. When we measure with more precision the position, more uncertainty will have in the value of the speed, and vice versa. Heisenberg obtained the formula that establish this relation.

If in a computer we reserve the same memory space to calculate the speed and the position, we could simulate the same phenomenon assigning more bits to one of the two magnitudes and less to the other when someone want makes a measure of the first of them.

- Explain why we are in a complex universe make by basics elements: In the same way that the same letter is repeats several times in this text, the electrons and protons are all indistinguishable between them. This allows save memory and developing time because the same information are reused a lot of times.

- Fermi's paradox: The Fermi's paradox says that having many probabilities that there are others civilization in our universe, technologically superior to us, how is possible that no one have already visited us yet? The explanation to the Fermi's paradox if we were in the Matrix would be that we don't see aliens because they are not simulated.

I'm sure that I'm leaving a lot of things, but all of this, as I said, doesn't implies that we are in a simulation. I back to make you the same question that I did in the prior post, Do you think that we are in the Matrix?

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En español: Fallos en Matrix
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