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Cyborg insects

Posted on: Mar, 8th 2011
Cyborg insect
Not a lot of time ago are being developing cyborg insects. The main idea is quite simple, if the brain of the animals works with electrical impulses and the circuits too, instead of have to build a mechanical robot, we can use the bilogical hardware of the insect, connecting to it a chip in the brain, that will apply the appropiate electrical impulses to control it.

To control the insect, first we must get the areas of the brain that are activated when it do some determinate task in order to that a software of artificial intelligence learns to recognize the generated patterns, that will allow recreate after the same brain activity.

The majority of this projects are funded by the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) of US, with the intention of use the insects in a future as spies in the war.

Have been made a lot of investigation projects in this senses: roaches in the University Texas A&M, horned beetles in the University of Michigan and in the University of California, moths in the MIT and in the Institut Boyce Thompson, etc.

For instance here you have a giant beetle. The chip that controls it goes connected to the brain, the wings and the muscles that allow control the start and the stop of the flight, the turn and the elevation. Developed in the University of California:

Watch on Youtube

In the University of Cornell have improved the technique to do the implants in the hawk moths, because they insert the electrodes during its metamorphosis. In this way they achieve a better control of its flight:

Watch on Youtube

But these insects not only are usefull for the war, also can help to find persons trapped in inaccesible zones for a human. Although still remain a lot of to use the insects in that way, the nanotechnology have to achieve chips more little and the miniaturization of accesories as cameras, microphones and over all, of the battery, although already are thinking about how recharge these with the movements and the heat of the insect itself.

Some of you can seem inhuman this kind of experiments, but for me is justified is that allows save persons trapped after an earthquake. Would be good don't have to torture animals to advance in this field and in neurocience, but some times is inevitable.

If someone want to do the same, in this web sell a kit that allows study the electrical impulses of the insects.

In the following video you can see an invention, made in home, that consist in a control remote roach, to achieve that, simply have been applied electrical impulses in the nerves of the antenna. The chips have been taken from a toy:

Watch on Youtube

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