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The digital tax in Spain illegal for the enterprises

Posted on: Oct, 22nd 2010
The private enterprises and the public administrations in Spain lead a lot of time having to pay a digital tax to the SGAE (an entity seemed to the RIAA in America or PRS in UK). From now they haven't to do it and they can demand the SGAE the money of this illegal tax. But the Spanish govern isn't the responsible that has avoided that the SGAE had collected the money, but a demand of a computer shop that have arrived to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Yesterday, finally, as must be, was declared illegal that the enterprises have to follow paying an added price for storage media and recorders. This tax was imposed because, according to SGAE, the enterprises buy this things to make copies of the digital works with copyright of his affiliates and not to do their job.

The govern will have to adapt the laws soon because since yesterday this digital tax is illegal.

This is a good new for the Spaniards because this help to a lot of companies to get out of the crisis, also reduce the public cost, that in the case of Justice administration, especially, is very high. Also is a good new, because has become evident the bad decision of the govern allowing this.

In Spain we hope that this will be the definitive end of the SGAE, because added to the problems that they are going to have, they have a lot of debts due to the palaces they have bought.

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