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How to see better the web pages and improve its accessibility?

Posted on: Oct, 30th 2011
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Surely that a lot of times you have found webs impossible of be read, due to the color combinations used.
For that reason I've programmed a script that can transform any webpage making it more accessible. If you drag and drop this link to the bookmarks or favorite bar of your browser, and you click on it, when you find a web with colors that doesn't allow read it clearly, the web will change their color with the colors of Computable minds and the accesibility will be better in the majority of cases. If you want that the script will be executed always in all the webs, you can install it, having activated the Firefox extension Grease monkey, or using Chrome, and clicking in this link.

The script not only will change the color, also increase the size of the small fonts, remove the justified style and separate the paragraphs. Although all of this can disrupt the design of some webs, usually you will get a better visualization, specially if you like the colors of this blog.

The colors of a web are determinant for its accessibility. There are a lot of people that use a white background, this causes that some dyslexics can't read anything, and if also they use a combination of colors of low contrast, anyone will can't read it.

But, what is the accessibility? An accessible web don't have difficulties of navigability and readability independently of the device that be used for read it or the disabilities that suffers the person, even if is a blind person. The blind persons can dispose of Braille devices or programs called screen readers.

Exists a lot of recommendations of accessibility of the W3C, the organization that do the recommendations of the languages of web. This norms of accessibility are divided by levels, are evolving continuously and are very important, because actually in the majority of countries the laws states that all the webs of public administrations must be accessible and, when this doesn't occurs, can arrive some complaint millionaire of associations of disabled or from any citizen.

At the time of do this web blog, I've thought a lot of in the way to achieve that be accessible for all the people. For instance, when we see it in a PC, the width of the text are fixed in order to avoid very long lines, because if a line is very large it is difficult go to the next paragraph. Instead, when is a mobile device, this width is variable to adapt the line width in the better way to the width of the screen. Regarding to the colors, these have a contrast level high enough to pass the more high accessibility test of the normative WCAG 2.0 AAA, so this blog can be read even if the sun light is falling directly to the screen.

About of the chosen colors, the norms doesn't say which colors choose, but I've used the green, thinking that also is a color that the remembers to the old monitors of green phosphorus, is a nice color, because is the primary color that we can perceive better and view more shades, and also, is a color that the colorblind persons can see like the rest of the people.

In reference to a why I've choosen an inverted color combination, is to say, dark background with light letters, is because there are a lot of people to that the opposite causes eye strain, me included. This have sense if we take into account that in this way the screen emits less light. What would you prefer, light background with dark letters or the opposite? Someone would like have the script with other combination of colors?

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