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Five predictions about the software of the future

Posted on: Jul, 16th 2010
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At the prior post I risk making some futuristic predictions about the hardware and today I return to take out the crystal ball to do the same with the software.

It's very important the software evolution for the develop of the hardware, the reason is that in order to make the users invest in new computers, these would have to dispose of aplications that the prior generations of computers couldn't make use because of its insufficient performance.

Here go my predictions:

1st.- User interfaces:

The operating systems will change principally the user interfaces. We will can comunicate with our computer like we do with any other person, that it's to say, talking and making gestures. Later, the computer will recognize us and answer to our questions correctly with voice or with animations of gestures. Some of the characteristics as, by example, the facial recognizer and the gestural interface, will appear for Windows 8.

2nd.- Videogames:

In the games we will have graphics and a behaviour of the physics that will be indistinguishable of the reality, with artificial intelligences that will characterize the characters like persons of the real world.

3rd.- Translators and voice synthesizer:

The voices of the movies and chats programs will be dubbed and subtitled by itself to different languages. The voices dubbed will use the same tone of the original person, the accent of the destination language and the intonation appropiate.

4th.- Programming:

The programming with code will desappear almost by complete because the programs will be make by itself from the designs of the engineers.

5th.- Expert systems:

The computers will help to the human in a lot of professions and even in a lot of will replace us. I'm talking about a lot of type of professions (medical, architect, journalists, judges, etc.). But probably the profession of informatics engineer will be safe, je je je.

What do you think about how will evolve the programs?

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